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22nd January 2013

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wait wait wait..
favoured son/outcast

Loki was imagining it. Thor didn’t know so anything said before that wasn’t meant as a personal insult. His family loved him loved him, despite everything. They still do. Despite everything. But he’s being a little shit about it.
Faramir wasn’t. Yes, his brother loved him dearly, but his father actually told him he wished Faramir had died in Boromir’s place, constantly being put down by his own father. Talk about bad parenting? And Faramir dealt with it better. 

Loki isn’t a lost puppy, he’s a whiny bitch. 

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26th December 2012

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ungrateful little scrote :X 

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29th November 2012

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15th November 2012


because it’s the only way I can deal with this problem without unfollowing a load of decent blogs, I’m going to put down and take the piss out of any Tom Hiddleston/Loki pics/gifs

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14th November 2012

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Why do people keep saying Loki looks hot, I would have said cool would be the right word..

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3rd October 2012

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Loki should have gone home…

  • He would be forgiven
  • Thor would have protected him
  • Odin would have protected him
  • Frigga would have protected him
  • Asgard would have protected him

  • Loki should have gone home. 

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22nd September 2012

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the one who BURENED with glorious purpose..

I’m sure this was supposed to be a serious, almost thought provoking post, but I’m sorry, I just can’t. 

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20th September 2012

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Loki’s Yogurt Night by *doubleleaf

Loki’s Yogurt Night by *doubleleaf

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11th September 2012

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Loki didn’t, but now he must go there

Loki didn’t, but now he must go there

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1st September 2012

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What is art what are references fuck this argh what

What is art what are references fuck this argh what

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